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“The good days now far outnumber the bad days. This has given me so much more freedom.  I am now pursuing the career I want.  This time last year none of this would have been possible but thanks to you I have changed a lot about my life.  For this I will always be grateful.” 



D  (a woman with multiple phobias as a result of drug abuse and other issues when younger)




“Things are going well for me.  The driving is great now – I don’t know how I ever managed without a car – I am doing a lot of business and the driving has given me great independence.”


T (Poor self confidence related to an earlier trauma)




“I saw a flower yesterday, I mean I must have always seen flowers, but that was the first time I noticed one – how beautiful it is.  Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you for all you have done for me.”


B (a woman who suffered severe abuse while institutionlised as a child)




“Just a small friend (token representing her issue) for you to remind you how wonderful and easy life can be.”


K (a young woman with a simple but debilitating phobia)




During a smoking career lasting 26 years I tried everything that was going that might help me stop killing myself with cigarettes, but nothing worked.  I felt particularly bad when I got involved with my child’s football team and found that I couldn’t keep up.  I began to get seriously worried about my health.  Then I saw an ad for hypnosis with Jameson Therapies.  Given my past experiences of trying to quit, I thought long and hard before making the appointment - but I made that appointment and I’ve never looked back.  The experience of hypnosis was good, and it worked wonders!  I am now happily and finally free of cigarettes!


J (a happy ex smoker)





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