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Energy Psychology

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A newly emergent field, Energy Psychology is revolutionising the way we deal with and make sense of psychological difficulties and traumas.

Based on the idea that those difficulties you hold mentally or emotionally you also hold physically, Energy Psychology deals with the disturbances in your body’s energy system (often felt physically)that go with the problem. Frequently difficulties of a lifetime dissolve in a matter of moments

The majority of Energy Psychology techniques are very simple, sometimes counter-intuitive, but easy to learn, so that once experienced you can take them with you for future use.

Experiencing these techniques can be transformational, and while some issues may require more work than others, many are resolved in such a simple way that clients who may have worked for years on their problem using more traditional approaches are surprised a how quickly and simply their issue “dissappears”.

Some Typical Energy Psychology Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT): Working in a very simple way using the bodies energy flow systems (meridians) issues are simply “tapped” away.

Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT): Working with the visual centres of the brain, the TAT “pose” allows you to “re-view” an issue, dissolve the related negative emotions and behaviours and discover new ways of being in the World.

Energy Cone Technique: Developed by Irelands Tom Wynn, this gentle and simple technique resolves issues powerfully by working with tiny energy peaks, usually in the hand, related to the issue.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR): Based on an understanding of brains ability to healthily process trauma during sleep, EMDR mimics the relevant sleep stage (while awake), allowing previously difficult problems to be resolved in a relatively simple way. A breakthrough in the healing of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, EMDR is also effective for a whole range of other difficulties


Guided Self Healing: Founded by Dr Andrew Hahn, this caring approach utilises the clients deepest wisdom to identify unconscious patterns which prevent the client from living fully, bringing him or her to a point where healing becomes possible, then using that same wisdom to indicate the means by which the healing can be effected.  Guided Self Healing is a profound and empowering approach to healing.

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