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Reduce Your Weight

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Weight Loss

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James Jameson is remarkably successful at helping people to reduce their weight and then maintain it at the reduced level.

Difficulties that people experience
Many people spend much of their lives continually dieting and then, quickly or slowly regaining the weight they have lost.  The reasons for this are many.

For some their downfall is an addiction to some substance, be it the sugar in biscuits, chocolate or the fat and chemicals in pre-packaged and take-away food.  For others it is a lifestyle that leaves precious little time to prepare and eat good healthy food. For others again there may be insufficient exercise in their life, or insufficient time for exercise, or even a dislike of exercise. There may also be strong emotional attachments, positive or negative, to certain foods.

Difficulties Easily Addressed
All of these and more are eminently addressable with the approaches James Jameson brings to clients who have difficulty keeping a healthy attractive body weight and shape.

Why James's Clients are Successful
Says James “Most people who come to me already know what they have to do to achieve their desired weight.  Their problem is getting the motivation and drive to do it easily and most importantly, to do it enjoyably.  Believe it or not,” he continues, “my clients actually enjoy losing weight!  That is one of the main reasons why so many of them are successful.”

Very Successful Approach
James uses a blend of classical Hypnosis and the new science of Neuro Linguistic Programming which powerfully assists clients to reframe their attitude to food (and drink) in such a way that eating healthily becomes a natural, enjoyable and reliable part of their lives.

“When I meet people after their first session invariably they express surprise at how well their new healthy relationship with food is going.  For most of them, until they came to me, losing weight was hard work and drudgery. Now it is very much a pleasant experience, carrying with it a great sense of achievement and purpose.”

One to Three Stone Typical
Most  clients want to lose one to three stone.  Typically this requires four sessions, although in some specific situations fewer sessions are needed. 

There are two basic approaches, the newly developed Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis which has proven very effective, especially where a lot of weight needs to be shed, and the more traditional Hypnotic Weight Loss Protocol. 

In the traditional approach the first two sessions are one to two weeks apart, and serve to get the process underway and then to focus it into the future.  Typically the third session is a month or two down the road and serves to lock in the progress.  The final session is very important because it takes place when the goal is achieved and assists the client to successfully transition from achieving mode to maintaining mode.

The newer Virtual Gastric Band approach has revolutionized the weight loss field as by convincing the brain that the stomach is much smaller, people feel full much more quickly and for longer.  The result is very reliable weight loss. The process which takes place over a four week period embeds a new "lifestyle" approach that people take up easily and maintain comfortably into the long term future. You can find out more about Virtual Gastric Band by clicking on the links above and below this article.

Most clients now opt for and get great results with Virtual Gastric Band.  However the best approach for you can be discussed and decided in your initial consultation. And of course, in some instances only one or two sessions may be necessary.

However, regardless of the approach, you can rely on expert caring service and look forward to enjoying a slimmer healthier body when you choose Jameson Therapies 


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